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Nantucket Surfing School - Student catching a wave.
Laird in the fog at Cisco Beach in 2004

Nantucket Surfing School - Student catching a wave.

Nantucket Surfing School - Student catching a wave.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Laird Hamilton visits Nantucket
In 2004, Laird Hamilton came to Nantucket to help promote the movie "Riding Giants" at the Nantucket Film Festival. Nantucket Island Surf School was conducting surf clinics for the Festival, and Laird, Sam George (former Surfer Magazine editor), and Stacy Peralta (skateboarding legend, and director of Riding Giants) came out to Cisco. Laird paddled out on one of the 12' soft-tops we use for surf lessons, standing up and using a wooden oar to paddle the board. This was the first time I (and probably most people at the beach) had ever seen anyone surf "beach-boy style." I remember thinking it was one of the coolest things... he made it look so easy, and it looked fun!

Stand Up Paddleboard History
Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) - A Rebirth of An Ancient Sport. Originated by the Hawaiian beach-boys at Waikiki (hence the name beach-boy surfing), but has only recently started to gain widespread popularity, due in large part to such waterman as Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, and Brian Keaulana. It’s a fun and challenging way to surf, and it’s also incredibly versatile, because you can also paddle in flat water. SUP is great exercise, providing a vigorous, full body workout. SUP is a fun way to get out on the water no matter how you do it.

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons
We offer SUP lessons and have a large selection of stand up paddleboards (SUPs) available to rent (see our rental page for prices). Beginner lessons will be done in flat water as SUPs are dangerous to other surfers in the hands of a beginner because of their size (BIG!!!). Lessons are $75 per hour for private and $50 per hour per person for groups.

Stand Up Paddleboard Equipment
We have a selection of SUPs from Surftech®, NSP and Boardworks. We encourage people who want to rent these to take them to flat water if they are just learning as they can be dangerous in the surf if you don't have the ability to control them. The boards can be taken to other beaches or locations. We carry Kialoa® stand up surf paddles built for the most demanding stand up paddlers in the world.

For your convenience we accept Visa & MC

To book a lesson, rent a stand up paddleboard or for more information please call or email.

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