Welcome to Nantucket Island Surf School

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Welcome to Nantucket Island Surf School


Nantucket Island Surf School is the island’s premiere surf school. Since 1999 we’ve been teaching surfing at Cisco Beach on Nantucket to students of all ages and ability. We offer private lessons and group lessons as well as week long mini camps for kids. We also offer standup (SUP) paddle boarding lessons. All equipment is provided, which includes boards and wetsuits. All you need to do is show up in your bathing suit with your sunscreen on and ready to have a lot of fun! (Advanced Reservations Required)

We also rent surfboards, standup paddle boards and wetsuits at Cisco Beach.

Gary “Kona” Kohner (Owner) grew up on Nantucket and started surfing in 1984. He started Nantucket Island Surf School in the summer of 1999 to share his love of surfing and the ocean with others. He is certified in life saving and CPR. He has surfed in Brazil, California, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Hawaii, Panama, Ireland, Spain, Madeira Island, Peru, Samoa and South Africa. Gary spends his winters in Costa Rica teaching surfing, working on his tube riding skills and living the “pura vida”. He spends his summers on Nantucket at Cisco beach runningNantucket Island Surf School and occasionally surfing himself when the conditions are too big for teaching. Gary has personally introduced thousands of people of all ages to surfing.



Private lessons consist of one on one teacher to student instruction for any level student. They include all equipment and consist of on the beach and in the water instruction for a first lesson. Subsequent lessons will be conducted mostly in the water with little or no beach time.

Private Lessons $95 an Hour Per Person

(Advanced Reservations Required)


Group lessons consist of more than one student per instructor. All group lessons include equipment, and on the beach as well as in the water instruction. Smaller groups of 2 to 4 students can take the one-hour lessons, while larger groups usually require two hours of instruction for a first lesson.

Group Lessons $70 an Hour Per Person

(Advanced Reservations Required)

All Nantucket Island Surf school instructors have a minimum of five years surfing experience and are certified in CPR and first aid. The instructor to student ratio is no more than one to four (usually one to three) for beginner surfers


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We have an extensive assortment of surfboards available for hourly, half-day, daily, 3 day, and weekly rental. Hourly and half-day rentals are for Cisco Beach only. Daily, 3 Day and Weekly rentals can be taken to any surfing beach on Nantucket.

Hourly – Just what it sounds like, a surfboard for an hour.
1/2 Day – A half-day is a 4 hour rental.
Daily – A daily rental is all day, but has to be back to the van by 5:00 pm. It is not a 24-hour rental.
3 Day – A 3-day rental is for 3 calendar days. Boards should be returned to the van at Cisco by 5:00 pm on the third calendar day.
Weekly – A weekly rental is for seven calendar days. Boards should be returned to the van at Cisco by 5:00 pm on the seventh calendar day.

nantucket surfboard rentals


An extensive assortment of SurfTech® SoftTops, the same ones that we use for our surf lessons. every shape and size from 10′ longboards down to 5’6″ fish.

Come down and get your favorite one today!

Hourly $20 – 1/2 Day $50 – Daily $65 – 3 Day $150 – Weekly $250


Tuflite / Polyester surfboard rentals From high-performance and nose rider longboards to mid-length eggs and fun boards down to shortboards and fish, we have the right board for you. Whether you’re an experienced surfer who needs a board for the week/weekend or a new surfer who wants to try a “real” board for a few hours, we have what you need! Board bags, straps, and wax are included in longer-term rentals.

Hourly $20 – 1/2 Day $50 – Daily $65 – 3 Day $150 – Weekly $250

nantucket paddleboard rentals


We have a selection of Stand Up Paddleboards from Surftech®, NSP and Boardworks. We encourage people who want to rent these to take them to flat water if they are just learning as they can be dangerous in the surf if you don’t have the ability to control them. The boards can be taken to other beaches or locations.

Hourly $25 – 1/2 Day $70 – Daily $150 – 3 Day $250 – Weekly $350


We have a limited selection of bodyboards and a sizable selection of full and short wetsuits from Rip Curl® availible for rent.

Hourly $10 – 1/2 Day $25 – Daily $35 – 3 Day $50 – Weekly $100


Here at Nantucket Island Surf School our goal is to provide surfing lessons in a safe, conscientious, professional and fun environment. Our instructors are certified in lifesaving ,first aid and CPR. We use soft-top boards that are equipped with rubber safety fins to minimize risk. We will cancel lessons if we feel the surf is too rough.

A: No. We provide all the equipment and it’s included in the cost of the lesson.

A: Of course not! We teach total beginners everyday. Just bring some enthusiasm and a don’t be afraid to fall it’s just water!

A: Yes! You’re going to get wet anyways so why worry about a little rain. Fog happens a lot on Nantucket but it’s harmless your wetsuit will keep you warm. However, thunderstorms with lightning (although very rare in Nantucket during the summer) is a different story and in that case we would reschedule.

A: We reschedule if there is absolutely no surf or if the surf is too rough to teach lessons safely.

A: We’ve taught some kids as young as 5, but it depends on their comfort level in the ocean and they should have basic swimming ability. With beginners under 12 we recommend private lessons.

A: Surfing is a somewhat rigorous physical activity. However, if your’e in decent shape and don’t have any serious health risks your never too old.

A: Yes, conveniently use your Visa or Mastercard and give us a call to book your lessons, rentals or weekly surf camp.

A: We are surfing in the Atlantic ocean and sharks live in the ocean. That being said, we have never had any problems in Nantucket with sharks.

A: It really depends on the individual but almost everyone is standing up and riding waves within the first half hour of their lesson. However, just because you stand up does not mean you know how to surf. Surfing takes time to learn especially if you want to surf well. Our goal is to give you a headstart and solid foundation to build upon. Practice, practice, practice (it’s FUN)!

A: Yes, we have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter page with the latest Nantucket Island surf reports from Cisco Beach.


24-hour cancellation policy for full refund. Cancellations under 24 hours and no-shows will be charged full price.

We do not send confirmation emails or texts so once we book it via phone, text, or email that means you are in our book.

You will hear from us via phone if lessons are canceled because of weather or surf conditions.


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